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The Principal: Mr Olufemi Ademolu



Deeper Life High School is a boarding, mission, co-educational secondary school established by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in November 6, 2010 with the sole aim of contributing to human capital development in our great country Nigeria. It is the vision of God, given to the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM), Pastor (Dr) W.F. Kumuyi. The vision is to take children and youth to the top. Children with clear vision and purpose like Daniel who imbibes the knowledge of God. The school is non- profit oriented. Besides it is not for the members of Deeper Life Bible Church alone but for every Nigerian child who has the vision to be upright future leaders. Deeper Life High School has the following philosophies: vision, mission and motto

VISION: To transform our nation by producing upright leaders of the future through high quality and sound education.
MISSION: To produce students who are academically well grounded, morally upright and adequately equipped as future leaders.
MOTTO: Leadership with distinction.

STUDENTS' POPULATION: Deeper Life High School (DLHS) started in seven (7) states of the federation including, Lagos having its campus located in Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC), Km 42 Lagos Ibadan Express Way, Mowe, Ogun State with 101 students (58 boys and 43 girls) at inception in November, 2010. The students' population increased to 110 (63 boys and 47 girls) by January 2011. In 2011/2012 academic session the population rose to 277 (165 boys and 112 girls) while in 2012/2013 academic session the population was 427 (239 boys and 188 girls). In 2013/2014, it was 525, comprising of 278 boys and 247 girls, while in 2014/2015 session, the population rose to 570 (292 boys and 278 girls). As the school resumes for the 2015/2016 session the students' population is expected to rise to 700.
OUR STAFF: The staff strength of the school was 20 at inception in November 2010; 10 educators and 10 support staff with Mr. Emmanuel Irewole Akomolafe as principal till date. This has however increased to 85 (42 educators and 43 support staff) as at the end of 2014/2015 academic session. The doggedness of our dedicated academic and supporting staff in ensuring that they do not only carry out their assigned duties but also ensure that they support various measures put in place by the school authorities in improving the academic, spiritual and moral life of the students is also strength to the school. Through all these, the students' potentials, abilities and interests are identified and harnessed.
ACCREDITATIONS: The school does not only have state government's approval and recognition to operate Junior and Senior Secondary Schools, we are fully accredited to present students for NECO; Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) /Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (SSCE) WAEC & NECO. Some of our students have also been registered for October/November 2015 IGCSE; while efforts are on to adequately prepare those interested in TOEFL, SAT and JAMB-UTME before the examinations and tests.
OUR UNIQUENESS: Wherever DLHS is located, as we have in 16 locations across the Nigerian nation, quality and standard are maintained. The school operates a uniform standard in staff recruitment, management, admission process, curriculum design; monitoring and evaluation, students' assessment, among others.
CURRICULAR ACTIVTIES: Through the use of ICT, DLHS, Lagos campus have been able to function without much difficulty. With modern development and innovations in the education industry, we are fast overtaking the old and existing schools in town without the knowledge of 21st century strategy on how to educate learners. The teaching and learning are being done with interactive board that makes learning more of fun to learners. And with a laptop for each child, our students can go anywhere with all the contents of the subjects in the national curricula without having to carry books. With the laptop learning takes place everywhere. Most of the teaching methods adopted by the educators are "student centered" where students are allowed to brainstorm and input ideas relevant to the study. Some methods of medium level involvement of learners in teachings like: Group discussion, Observation, Reflective practice and Interactive learning activities etc. were used by some educators. Some educators also adopted some methods of high level involvements of learners in teachings like; Role play (e.g. in CCA and music), Quiz and Debate, Story-telling, Internet searches, In- basket exercise, Problem-based learning, Project-based learning, Collaborative learning and Inquiry learning, etc. In the school every child is unique, special and given attention. Those considered being weak are helped through remedial programmes, making educators to supervise their learning and reading habit. This really helped most of the concerned students to improve in their academic performances. Teacher-parenting, where each educator is assigned to few students to help them overcome the challenges they are confronted with in the school is also of benefit in enhancing students' learning.
ACADEMIC UPDATE: The results of our students in the last three years we have presented them for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), (Federal and State) have been encouraging. In 2013, they recorded 97.6% in the federal exam while in the state they recorded 98.9%. In 2014 they recorded 99.6% in the federal and 100% in all the subjects written in the state examination. We are preparing vigorous to produce outstanding results when our first set in the senior school will be graduating in June 2016. Our students have participated in many competitions within the five years of our existence and they have performed very well. They participated in Nigerian Whizkids Computer Competition in year 2014 and were 3rd in Ogun state and 8th in the south west zone. The performance improved in 2015 as we emerged 1st position in Ogun State, 2nd position in the south west zone and 3rd position nationwide. They participated in Olympiad science competition in 2014 Three of our students qualified for the second round junior science, whilst one of them qualified for the second round in the senior category in Chemistry with 6th position in Ogun state. In the 2014/2015 academic session, our students participated in a number of competitions, among which are; Toyota Dream Car Art Competition, Cowbell Mathematics competition, NNPC Quiz Competition, American Mathematics Competition (AMC), as well as African Female Mathematics Competition. In the result of the American Mathematics Competition, 2 students won gold in grade 8, 1 in grade 10 and 1 in grade 12 categories. The Award Ceremony for Medalists and Winners (AMC 08, 10 & 12) for south west region comes up on 30th September, 2015 at Abeokuta, Ogun State.
CELEBRATION OF DANIELS: Apart from the outstanding students being celebrated (i.e. Daniels), the most improved ones (academically) are being celebrated in the school as well, and this has helped to encourage keen and fair competitions among the students. Special grading system of classes in accordance to student's academic performance to enable educators give more attention to the weak ones has been highly motivational, as the students are more studious than ever before since they all want to be celebrated. Special arrangement whereby students are grouped into smaller units for discussion, project, interactions and knowledge sharing in the class is also enhancing the performance of our students.
MORAL/SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: The moral and the spiritual aspects of the child's development are given priority. Testimonies abound on the transformation taking place in the lives our students. Many have been converted and are serving as soul winners both in the school and in their communities. Parents, who already have children with us, are bringing more as godly character of the students gladdens their hearts.
CHALLENGES: Our school is not immune to challenges. There are challenges. As we all know the power situation in our nation, the school generates power for all her operations. It is no small mean to generate electricity day and night for a school like ours. The infrastructure developmental projects in the school are at one stage or the other. This is part of our challenges. We need adequate facilities. Sporting facilities like swimming pool, tennis courts and other in-door games are needed in the school. Our challenges notwithstanding, I want to conclude that DLHS, Lagos campus is "work in progress"!


Our Achievements



For Medical Report/Certificate visit any of the ff:


140 Okota Road, College B/Stop, Isolo-Lagos

59, Osolo way, Aye B/Stop, Isolo-Lagos. (Tel: 0802579846)


15, Olumide Onanubi Street, Alimosho B/Stop, end of Folarin St. Alimosho -Lagos

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N50,000 Acceptance fee is part of the general sch fee for the term. Deduct the N50,000 from the sch fees and issue draft. Visit the sch fees Menu on this site.



LOtc in Lagos Campus. Over one thousand participant. 

14 Students had over 300 scores in JAMB

WAEC 2017: 100% in 17 Subjects.

Approved as Cambridge School.


LOtC at Ibadan.

Summer Academy at Osogbo.

Nine A1 streight in WAEC 2016


This year marked the introduction of computer based test software for our internal continous assesment and Examination. Even though with initial challenges but the result is amazing.

Whizkids Competition: First in Ogun State. 2nd in the Zone. 3rd Position Nationwide

LOtC at Akure: Elizade University.


Amazing reports and testimonies are coming from our parents and neighbours of transformation taking place in the lives of our students


LOtC at Tinapa/ Obudu cattle Ranch. This year the size of the school grew to sixteen (16)


The First LOtC was organised which was held in Accra, Ghana. About 600 students attended this event.


The school started with seven (7) campuses in 2010, in 2011 seven (7) new campuses were established