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Activate Your Potential

Awaken Your Inner Superstar - Activate Your Full Potential

ACTIVATE is the short form of “Activate your potentials”. It’s an online end-of-term competition that brings all DLHS campuses together. Activities of the ACTIVATE are student-centered. 

At the beginning of a new term, notifications would be sent out to all campuses to prepare for certain activities. The requirements would be given and the deadline for submission of contents would also be given. 

Activities for ACTIVATE include: Musical instrumentations, Songs rendition, Creative Arts, Spoken words, Drama, Debate, Quiz, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Science and Technology projects etc.

ACTIVATE is always mind-blowing as students exhibit great skills and talents during the event. Parents are invited to join and watch their children performances through YouTube and Facebook. Their excitement is reflected in their comments when they see the wonders their children are doing.

This programme has brought out the best in struggling, timid and reserved students while the bold and extroverts keep shining. Students are usually engaged after their examinations with ACTIVATE, it’s indeed a mind engaging programme.

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