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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence was introduced as integral part of our  curriculum in 2021/2022 Academic session and is made compulsory for all  students except students in terminal classes (Basic 9 and SS3) because of the  volume of work and preparation for their external Examinations. 

Before now some of our campuses has been doing Robotics at different levels  and have participated in competition within Nigeria and outside the country. In  2015 some of our students participated in World Robotics Olympiad that was  held in Doha, Qatar. 

Series of Deliberation and consultations were made, but The Education  Secretary gave the push with the Slogan “You Either join the train or you are  left behind, because this Robotics and AI train does not have a reverse gear and  will not wait”. With this we partnered with two companies for training and  capacity building for staff, curriculum preparation, content preparation and  training materials. 

  1. EIN Educational Services handled Robotics training for staff and supply of  Dobot AI starter Kits. 
  2. AHER Technology handle the programming part, preparing curriculum  and video content for (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, PYTHON and  Libraries and frameworks) 

The curriculum was structured into Junior School and senior school as follows: 

  1. Junior School: Robotics, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is covered in  Basic 7 and Basic 8 
  2. Senior School: Robotics, PHP, PYTHON, Frameworks and Libraries. 

The idea is that the student would have covered front-end web application  development in their junior school and focus on the back-end and core of AI  when they get to senior school. 

The programme is well structured and integrated into our curriculum reflecting  on the timetable. Every class has 80 minutes per week of class activities and  other periods for practical mostly by weekend. Being treated as one of the  subjects in the school, it is also examined during our test and Examinations and  reflects in the students report sheets. 

Students engage in several projects and inter class and inter school  competitions. Robotics and AI has become part of the projects we showcase 

during our ACTIVATE programmes, which is a programme that we discover  talents in different areas. 

We are often having engagement with our partner companies to see how we  can always do things better. We have weekly review meetings and trainings where we look at different things that will enhance productivity. 

Our students are encouraged to take online short courses and certification  exams. Our students took HTML, CSS and JavaScript training and exams from in 2022. 

We are working towards partnering with organisations both local and  international that will improve our outcomes.

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