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Humanities are a group of academic subjects united by a commitment to studying aspects of the human and a qualitative approach of the society. The humanities include the studies of Languages (Hausa and French), History, Christian Religious Studies, Government, Civic Education, Geography and Social Studies.

At DLHS, our students are introduced to early execution of projects from Basic 7 to SS 3. It is always interesting seeing our students carrying out research projects in groups or on individual basis.
Our students are often placed in groups to carry out intensive research project in Art and Humanities subjects. The quality time our students spent carrying out intensive research project has equipped them to be independent learners who are well versed in key concept within humanities such as ground understanding of culture, social and political power and structure of modern nations, theories of historical change, problems of modernity verses postmodernity and approaches to race and ethnicity. It has also exposed them to understand the role of religion in our daily lives. 


In History, students carries out intensive project on major past event and historical personalities. They carries out their research project in groups or individually. At the end of each research, they present their findings to their class mate using well designed PowerPoint. 

Our students also present their projects in form of drama, while our educators assess them. This form of project is much common in humanities subjects, especially in languages and Christian Religious Knowledge. 

In CRS for example, our students dramatized major biblical characters and events such as Abraham’s obedience to the call of God, the visit of the wise men and so on. Apart from dramatization of major biblical characters, our students also carries out other forms of projects in CRS. For instance, chart representation of the various groups in the school community, visitation based field trip to orphanage and IDP camp. These projects has helped our students to appreciate the place of God in our daily lives and the importance of a peaceful environment. 

Moreover, most project in Languages are presented by our students in drama and speech presentation. For instance, our students carries out group research on a project topic and present their findings in Hausa and French Languages. The frequent engagement of our students to these languages related project have improved their speaking proficiency in these languages. 

Our students have developed the ability to read voluminous books and to summarize the contents with ease. This is because they are often given projects in summarization.  

In Geography, our students carries out intensive research project on environmental based issues such as studying the effect of global warming or the impact of gully erosion on our environment and the issues of water supply and consumption. They equally analyses domestic solid waste management strategies and road traffic crisis and present their findings before their classmate and educators.

The series of project we engaged our students on has developed certain qualities in them such as critical thinking by learning to identify, clarify and evaluate important ideas and arguments, self-expression, lifelong learning and independent Learning skills and most importantly the spirit of teamwork. 

Our results from external examination such as BECE, UTME, WASSCE, NECO, and IGSCE have been astounding with Distinctions, and these have placed our students in the very best of Universities across the world. 

Our affable and smart working humanity educators are always trained and retrained to give their best. We are very proud of our distinguished educators across our campuses.

With the support of our management team, learning of humanities subjects at DLHS is second to none as our students are exemplifying their natural talents and skills and are always excited to carry out our projects.

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