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Discover the Transformative Six-Year Educational Journey at Deeper Life High School – Empowering Students to Excel in Academics and Beyond!


Curriculum is the centre of attraction of all activities that goes on in any school. Deeper Life High School runs a six-year school programme starting from JS 1 to SS3. The academic programme of the school is based on the Nigerian National Curriculum. The curriculum of the Deeper Life High School (DLHS) is planned in a way to help her achieve the mission of the school which is to ‘’Produce students who are academically well grounded, morally upright and adequately equipped as future leaders’’.

Deeper Life High School runs Nigerian and British syllabus though as at now only few of our students take part in writing the IGCSE examinations which is conducted by Cambridge while all SS 3 students do seat for WASC an examination being organized by both West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and SSCE National Examinations Councils (NECO).

Presently in the Senior Secondary section we offer tuition in Twenty-Seven subjects which cut across students in Science and Technology, Humanity and Business classes while in the Junior School Eighteen subjects are being offered by JS 1 and JS 2 students but the number of subjects is reduced to ten when they get to JS 3 when they are going to write the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) but Robotics is now a compulsory subject for JS 1 & 2 and SS 1 & 2 students.
Besides, the school also organizes co-curricular activities such as sports and games, inter house, inter class and inter school quiz competitions.
The school also has provision for excursions to places of interest within and outside the country particularly through our annual Learning Outside The Classroom (LOtC) which normally bring our students from all the campuses at the end of every third term.

The purpose of the curriculum of DLHS is that our students will not only learn how to cram or write and read but will become a problem solver and develop the ability of nation builders which the school desires them to be so that in the end they could become leaders with distinction in which ever position they found themselves in the future.

As part our curriculum implementation, the curriculum department do request from reputable publishers and publishing firms nationwide to submit sample of textbooks which is reviewed by experience educators who select the best among these books and are recommended for use. With these there is no student in the school without essential textbooks in all subjects which will enhance learning. Also each campus made available for purchase writing materials such as notebooks, mathematical sets, biros etc at moderate prices for students. This is done so that students will not encounter any difficulty in learning.
Apart from providing quality and adequate textbooks for our students, each of them is made to possess a laptop which is loaded with e-learning notes written by experts in each subject. The e-learning notes cover all the subjects offered in the school both at Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary levels.
The e-learning notes also contain questions and assignments which students can attempt after reading related topics either in the e-learning notes or textbooks. The e-learning notes serve as impetus for the students to read ahead of the educators since the scheme of work for all the weeks in each term are included. The e-learning notes revolve around all the topics which students will be tested on in all the external examinations being conducted in Nigeria.

In order to achieve the desires goal, educators are trained from time to time so as to improve their teaching methodology. Also In her effort to give quality education to the students and maintain high education attainment, the school organizes different enriching educational programmes such as early morning prep, software programing and learning support for students who are weak in some specific subjects. The School also organizes Summer School (which comes up during long vacation period for SS2 students) and participates in local and international competitions.

The school’s time table is organized in a way that makes it compulsory for educators to conduct weekly test and assignment to evaluate their students but besides this curriculum department organizes the continuous assessment test one and two and the end of the term examination for all the campuses.
Before the date for this tests and exams, the department officers would have sent out schedule for setting questions to educators in different campuses and after the questions have been set and returned to the department, Another set of educators are usually selected to review the contents and quality of the test questions and the marks allocated to the questions. Corrections are made where necessary before the questions are administered to the students.
This process helps us to get quality questions which aid our students to perform well in external examinations and competitions.
Promotion to the next class is based on performance in the continuous assessment and internal examination.
Apart from participating in internal and national examinations, our students are also enrolled for a foreign examination known as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). They have been performing exceptionally well in it.

In order to maintain standard in all the twenty-two campuses each of the three mega campuses of Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja were assigned a curriculum/ quality assurance officer who monitors teaching and learning activities in these campuses while the remaining campuses were divided into five (5) zones with one curriculum/ quality assurance officer supervising the activities in the campuses under their zone of supervision and reporting back to the headquarters.
Some of the duties of these quality assurance officers include:
– Checking of staff lesson plan and lesson notes
– Checking of the work done and assignments given to the students
– Checking of students’ notes and work done.

These has gone a long way to improving learning activities in our campuses and it is adding value to our curriculum. We believe the result of our students academic performance both in internal and external examinations and academic competitions will keep improving.

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