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E-learning is an integral part of the learning process in DLHS.


in Deeper Life High School

This is the department in charge of the e-learning framework, architecture, training, development and deployment. E-learning is an integral part of the learning process in DLHS.

The principal focus of the online school is on the following areas:

  1. Development and support of teaching staff
  2. Development and digitization of the learning content of the school.
  3. Augmenting, supporting and complementing the traditional school by providing online resources that will Increase the engagement, experiences and learning outcomes of our students.
  4. Procurement of resources and infrastructure from proven online educational vendors.

Our online school has been able to:

  1. Help educators with relevant websites and learning platforms that are being used to buffer and boost their students’ learning experiences and outcomes.
  2. Interact with Administrators / Principals on how to identify, intervene and improve the performance of students with learning difficulties.
  3. Leverage the competencies of expert educators in one campus to help in further tutoring of students in another campus where their services are needed
  4. Entrench a learning culture that will breed independent and intentional learners in DLHS.
  5. Raise the bar of excellence in our students’ achievements both in internal and external examinations and also improve the rating and ranking of DLHS in National and International competitions.

The Administrator of the Online School manages and supervises the e-learning activities across the campuses.

It is important to restate here that DLHS is a unique multi-campus school which operates a uniform curricular and co-curricular programme. The curriculum of instruction and assessment items are harmonized and centrally coordinated by the headquarters


Director of Online School/
National Mathematics Coordinator
Phone no: +234 815 074 9286
Email Address:

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