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Students who are just entering into secondary school have burning questions to which answers should be provided by Counsellors, teachers, and significant adults. Such questions will arise because of their new environment which they view as a new culture and the need to adjust, as well as the power of peer pressure which cannot be overlooked. It therefore behooves that the adolescent child should be guided early for him/her to have the right footing in their molten age which is very critical.

Deeper Life High School, in compliance with the National Policy on Education requirement that proprietors of schools provide adequate number guidance counsellors for their institutions, engages professional trained Guidance Counsellor in its service.
The Guidance and Counselling unit of the school provides but not limited to the following services;
• Orientation programme for the newly admitted students into the school
• Academic support service to students performing below average, counselling on the choice of subjects for future career.
• Counselling for students with psychological and emotional needs.
• Referral services to experts on health issues.
• Coordinating excursions into companies or workplaces for students to gain insight into the world of work which can influence their choice of career.
• Sourcing overseas admission to qualified students.

The school Counsellor keeps the cumulative academic records of students, provides transcript of students’ academic performance for the admission process into the tertiary institutions on request, amongst others.

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