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History and Conception of DLHS

“Tracing the Legacy:  The Birth and Evolution of Deeper Life High School”
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History of DLHS

A Historical Journey of Deeper Life High School

Deeper Life High School (DLHS), founded on November 6th 2010, is the brain-child of the General Superintendent of The Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor (Dr.) W. F. Kumuyi, whose passion for godliness, upright leadership and moral excellence is well known. 

In a world where truth and moral absolutes are increasingly snubbed, Pastor Kumuyi has, in many ways, demonstrated an unflagging commitment to helping young men and women discover their purpose and moral direction in life. 

He is particularly concerned with grooming a new generation of future leaders with sound values and deep convictions that are rooted in God’s word.  It was this vision that gave birth to DLHS.

From Vision to Reality

Conception of
Deeper Life High School

Deeper Life High School was born out of the burden and passion of the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor (Dr.) W. F. Kumuyi for the salvation and complete transformation of the lives of contemporary youths who will certainly grow up to become tomorrow’s leaders.

As it can be easily noticed, not all the leaders today are leaders indeed. If you peep into the structure and manner of leadership in various sectors such as politics, academics, industry, commerce, security, religion, sports, health, among others, you will easily discover that majority are leaders who are not led by God because their leadership is devoid of the fear of God.

The General Superintendent is not comfortable with this trend because it does not portend a good future for the country, the entire world and the Church at large. An adage says, “To change the future, you must change the youth now.”

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. This means, if we want tomorrow to be anything good, we must impact positively on the total psyche of today’s youth who will, on the other hand, effect positive change on tomorrow’s leadership. 

That is the mission the Deeper Life High School is out to accomplish

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