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Welcome Address by the Principal

Dear Parents,
On behalf of the founder of Deeper Life High School (DLHS), General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor, Dr. W. F. Kumuyi, I warmly welcome you all.

DLHS is a unity school with twenty-two (22) campuses all over the nation. Our Vision Statement is “to transform the world by producing upright leaders of the future through high quality and sound education”. Our Mission Statement is “to produce students who are academically well grounded, morally upright and adequately equipped as future leaders”.

DLHS Kaduna Campus was founded in November, 2010. It is geared towards godliness, uprightness and excellence. As a campus, we engender productive partnership with our parents to ensure our students achieve their highest potentials. As partners in progress, we empower our students passionately and painstakingly to achieve our divine mandate of raising world-class leaders.

We are glad to inform you that Kaduna Campus has achieved many great feats in  external examinations such as BECE, WAEC and NECO. Kaduna Campus won the Beautiful Ones Are Born (BOAB) National Award, 2021. This is possible as a result of numerous and diligent efforts of our dogged staff and coordinated students. This standard is not only maintained but also improved. We promote and celebrate excellence performances every now and then.

We have enriching and standardized teaching pedagogy to facilitate teaching-learning experiences. They include:

  • Guided Reading Pattern for achieving deep learning in all subjects
  • Introduction of ‘Good Morning Maths’ for deep mastery in Mathematics
  • Holistic Observation and Assessment to build a total child
  • Using Emotional Intelligence to promoting Child welfare
  • ‘Every Child is Important’ agenda to improving learning difficulties
  • All Round Discipline to Building Balanced Personality
  • Constant Monitoring of Students’ Progress

I am highly privileged to be part of this learning processes.

Thank you for believing and choosing Deeper Life High School, Kaduna Campus. I look forward to meeting you very soon.

Mrs. Bamishe Olumuyiwa

Mrs. Bamishe Olumuyiwa

Typically replies within a day

Hey, Do you want to talk with us?

Mrs. Bamishe Olumuyiwa

Principal, Kaduna Campus



Facts & Figures
of Host State

Kaduna state is located at the Northern part of Nigeria’s High Plains. The vegetation cover is Sudan Savannah type, characterized by scattered short trees, shrubs and grasses. Soil type is mostly loamy to sandy type. Substantial amount of clay is found also.

Kaduna, the state capital, is Nigeria’s largest textile-manufacturing centre and has other major industries as well, including an oil refinery. Another industrial centre, Zaria, processes tobacco and cotton seed and manufactures textiles, bicycles, and printed matter. Traditional crafts, especially cotton weaving and dyeing (with locally grown indigo), leather processing, raffia weaving, and pottery designing (notably among the Gbari), also retain considerable economic importance. Tin mining continues near Kafanchan on the western edge of the Jos Plateau, and tantalite is also found there.

Kaduna State, in northwest Nigeria, was created on 27 May 1967 with a population of 9.48Million (2020 est.) having 23 Local Government Areas and a land mass of 46,053km2 with a GDP of N3.19Tn (2019 est.)  and N50.77B IGR (2020) as at year 2006 and has the highest concentration of tertiary institutions in Nigeria and possibly in Africa. She is nicknamed the Centre of Learning, owing to the presence of numerous educational institutions.

It currently has 23 tertiary institutions including universities, polytechnics and research institutes. She is historically known as the first and last administrative headquarters of Northern Nigeria with it being centrally located, providing access to the nineteen Northern States.

Kaduna state is very diverse with 59 – 63 ethnic groups. These ethnic groups include Adara, Ham, Hausa, Gbagyi, Atyap, Bajju, Oegworok, Nandu, Kiwolo amongst many others.

The most important symbol of the city’s political importance was and remains the Lugard Hall Complex, named after Lord Lugard. Located at the heart of Kaduna and painted in the national colours of green and white, the complex with its prominent dome sits on a large expanse of land that forms a huge roundabout bound almost right round by Coronation Crescent and by the northern end of the broad Independence Way on its southern entrance. It served as the regional House of Assembly and House of Chiefs during the First Republic. Today it serves as Kaduna State’s House of Assembly.

With secondary schools numbering over 5,000, Deeper Life High School Kaduna is proudly one of the few Christian boarding schools.

Modern Kaduna sits on some of Africa’s oldest civilizations including the Nok which dates as far back as 1500BC. The remnant of these civilizations stored in museums together with a fair number of attractions built by man makes up the tourist attractions in Kaduna state and has contributed to making the state one of the tourist destinations one should take a trip to.

Key Sites
in Host State

Notable key sites/places in host state:

Nok Village, Kaduna

The Nok civilization was discovered in 1928 due to man tin mining activities. One will find this village in the North East of Baro. The inhabitants of the village made some of Africa’s oldest and intriguing sculptures.

Kajuru Castle

Built in 1978 by Burg Heinrichswalde a German scientist who lived in Nigeria at the time, the castle is located at the apex of a mountain in Kaduna road, Kajuru. The castle is built in a fanciful, medieval-inspired Romanesque style whose architecture is a breath of fresh air in our bustling, fast-paced modern world. The castle can contain 150 guests and it has a dragon tower, an armoury, a dungeon, Knights Hall, and a Master’s suite. This description of this castle does not give it justice because this castle is the African version of a Bavarian castle.

Kamuku National Park

This park is one of the few national parks in Nigeria that preserves rare plant species. Kamuku National Park is one of the tourist attractions in Kaduna state. It is a wildlife sanctuary and is home to a variety of wildlife and fauna. The park can boast of preserving 1775 species of birds. This abundance of birds makes the park a perfect and convenient spot for bird watching.

Splash Park

Formerly known as Kofar Gamji Park, this park was built in 1941 by a colonial master. The park’s recreational centre is a perfect spot for fun and getaways. It is an exciting tourist attraction in Kaduna state.

Matsirga Waterfalls, Batadon, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area

Matsirga waterfalls is a body of water that drops from a 30 meters high cliff into a gorge that is surrounded by rocks. The water that feeds into the falls flows from a stream that is known as “The River Wonderful”. Matsirga is a natural beauty that is both tranquil and outstanding.

Kaduna National Museum

It is located along Ali Akilu road in Lingawan Sarki, Kaduna. The Museum which was established in 1975 contains a wide collection of ethnographic, archaeological, and crafts exhibits. There is also a traditional crafts village in which local craftsmen can be observed engaging in their crafts.

Emir of Zazzau Palace

The significant feature of this palace is that it still retains its original form (Mud). This palace was built in the 19th century and it can be found within the walls of the ancient city of Zaria.

Kaduna Golf Club

Thinking about how long a golf course should be? Then, you should see this club’s golf course. The Kaduna club’s golf course spans a distance of 0.9 kilometres and has a potting surface of 18 green holes. This golf club is the first golf club that Northern Nigeria had. Established in 1921, the golf club is also one of the largest in Nigeria.

Saint Bartholomew’s Church

Despite the violent ethnic and religious unrest in Kaduna today the continued existence of this church is amazing. Developed in the year 1926, Saint Bartholomew’s Church was the first church to be built in Northern Nigeria. The church still stands today in the original (mud) material it was built with and services are still held in the building.

Kaduna River

The state Kaduna is named after this river. The river is very old and it flows for over 550 kilometres. The Kaduna River is a tributary of the River Niger.

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