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Deeper Life High School,

Yenagoa Campus


Deeper Life Campground, Okutukutu/Etegwe, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

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Welcome Address
by the Principal

Welcome to Deeper Life High School, Yenagoa Campus, Bayelsa State, Nigeria! 

We are a community of faith, scholarship, and service inspired by the nearly over 6 years of excellence tradition that promotes academic and human excellence for the greater glory of God and the common good. We started Operations in year 2016 as an extension of DLHS Nationwide with the sole aim of bringing quality education and proper training to prospective students of Bayelsa State and beyond. 

Now in her seventh year of operation, the Campus is a testament to humanity’s renewed hope in the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, and a centre for academic excellence.

Admission into the Campus occurs only in the first year of junior school, that is, Basic 7. That way, at graduation, a student would have experienced six solid years of quality education and transformational formation becoming: open to growth, intellectually competent, loving, religious, and committed to doing justice; the profile of a DLHS Graduate. 

Our entrance examination holds on the second Saturday of April every year, unless otherwise stated, and it is based on the curricula developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) for Basic 4-6. Candidates are tested in English Language and Mathematics and General papers, and subsequently interviewed for possible admission into the Campus of which nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, and gender are no factors given our deep appreciation and celebration of diversity and inclusion as a Campus community. 

However, in view of the nature of education and formation offered at DLHS Yenagoa, which place huge demands on both staff and students, interested candidates are expected to be in primary 6 – that is Basic 6 – and at least 10 years old when they begin their six-year journey in the Campus. 

We are resolved to empower our students (through curricular and co-curricular efforts) to unleash their creative potential in becoming agents of change that is true to our mission. 

We have won several awards in academic and sports competitions. 

Parents who desire this quality of education for their children are welcome to visit the school. We look forward to meeting and working with you to provide the best possible education for your child. 

Welcome, once again, to Deeper Life High School, Yenagoa Campus, and experience on the pages of this website, HOPE REBORN! 


Mr. Peter Monday Osiki



Mr Peter Osiki

Principal, Yenagoa Campus



Facts & Figures
of Host State

DLHS Yenagoa began on September 18, 2016. 32 students were admitted to this campus at that time. Chinedu Dikeogu Joel who was the first to resume before others joined. Pastor Andrew Osagie State Overseer as at 2016 laid the foundation of this school and gave us both spiritual and financial support. In addition, Pastor MacLawrence Ebereuche the current State Overseer took over and has been supervision, support, and spiritually guiding the school.

The administration of the school has had different leader from Mr. Eze the founding principal, and Mr. Edokpigbe Friday, the immediate past principal and currently under the leadership of Mr. Osiki Peter Monday.

When we look back on the past, we will truly realize that God had been there for us. We began modestly, with a single structure that served as a dormitory, classroom, and dining area. This day is a result of the tireless effort of 15 staff members, including six educators, the principal, the vice principal, and seven non-academic staff members of which many are still here today.

Thanks to the tenacity of our pioneering parents, students, and staff. On this journey, the school has made significant advancements. We now have more than 200 students and close to 50 staff. New facilities have been added, including boys’ and girls’ hostels, science laboratories, a new generator, ongoing new staff housing, the erection of a water factory, and accreditation for NECO and WAEC examinations. We remained steadfast in the academic’s department.  

Medals won

  • Won a gold medal in 2017 in Lagos at the final stage of a spelling Bee competition
  • A silver medal from the American Mathematics competition in 2017
  • At the UNESCO 2019 training in Lagos, a student, Biragbara Baribefe Neemene Lilian represented the school, and she won first runner-up in the competition stages.
  • In another competition hosted by AIT and Raypower in 2019, DLHS Yenagoa students swept the competition by taking home first
  • Recently in 2021, we got an award from Federal Polytechnic Ekowe in Bayelsa state through a student.
  • In 2022 we won the first, 2nd and 4th position in an essay competition hosted by Federal Medical Center Yenagoa Bayelsa State.
  • Medalist of the National Olympiad Award
  • In March 2022, students got certified in Delfdalf (French Proficient) from the Ministry of Education, France
  • And lot more

Going forward, we have high hopes for a better future for our expanding school. There are numerous plans in place, including relocation to our permanent site, construction of a sporting arena, accreditation for the IGCS examination, and purchase of a school bus. DLHS is a beacon of hope for the transformation of tomorrow’s leaders. 

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in Host State

Niger Delta University

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Deeper Life Campground, Okutukutu/Etegwe, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

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