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Mrs. Babarinde Opeyemi

Babarinde Opeyemi is a passionate educator with almost two decade of experience. she graduated from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology  and obtained a P.G.D.E  from National Teacher’s Institute. She has attended both National and international training, seminars and workshops to build her capacity and prospect on the job.

She is committed to fostering a nurturing and inclusive learning environment that promotes academic excellence, personal growth, and character development. Adept at building strong relationships with students, and parents to create a collaborative and thriving school community. Prior to her assumption as the principal of DLHS Ado Ekiti Campus, She was one of the pioneering staff at DLHS Osogbo campus and was later transferred to Akure campus where she was promoted to the post of a vice principal. She in collaboration with her principal led a team of dedicated educators to improve the school’s academic performance. She  presented students for External Examination with a record of 100% excellence after awhile, she was transferred back to Osogbo campus to continue the good work . While in Osogbo campus, She collaborated with teachers to develop and implement effective teaching strategies, resulting in a significant increase in student achievement, in addition, she established a mentorship program for new teachers, providing professional development and support to improve teaching quality. After 4 years of positive performance, she was promoted to the post of a Principal at DLHS ADO Ekiti Campus which is her current location. Babarinde opeyemi is a realist whose foresight makes her see, prepare and plan for situations far ahead. Her tenacity, ruggedness and perseverance consistently makes her stand out as team player, problem solver, good communicator and a highly skill leader.

Mrs. Babarinde Opeyemi

  • Principal, DLHS Ado-Ekiti Campus
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