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Alfred A. Ogunlusi is an alumnus of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he studied Art Education.  An Educationist/ a teacher by training, he holds close to … decades in the Nigerian educational sector. Alfred A. Ogunlusi began his teaching career at the Baptist Model High School Ilorin, Kwara State in 2000 and rose from being a Creative Arts teacher to becoming the School Principal, a post he held for six years. It is striking to note that he held the position as a ‘non-Baptist’ member which can, to a large extent be attributed to his firm belief in being open to new challenges and unexpected opportunities which will sometimes come disguised as difficulties.

Alfred A. Ogunlusi joined the services of the Deeper Life High School in 2011 as the pioneer Principal of Ilorin Campus. 2012 found him in Lagos (the DLHS Headquarters), where he was posted to work as a Curriculum and Quality Control Officer in the Curriculum Department. By 2014, he was transferred to Ibadan to work as Zonal Curriculum Officer for the South-west until 2018 when he was promoted to the Post of National Curriculum Officer, a post he occupies till date, overseeing the coverage of school curriculum through planned visits to the campuses with regard to the assessment of educators and students work. Among his many duties include the supervision of academic staff members in setting examination questions for all classes in all the campuses by making a schedule for setting such questions as well as organizing the vetting exercise of the questions before it is made available to the campuses for evaluation purposes.

An avid scholar in teacher training, Alfred A. Ogunlusi possesses an innate desire to see marked improvement in the teaching and learning process in the school system as a whole. To this effect, he has organized several training sessions in some of the campuses on diverse teaching and support staff domains. As an effort on his part to underscore personal core values of assertiveness, courage and perseverance, Pastor Ogunlusi plans and supervises the conduct of the yearly Success Academy otherwise known as the summer school which the school established to be a rallying point for all the SS two students since its inception in 2015. This programme does not only seek to improve students’ performance in external examinations, it is an opportunity for participants, especially the students, to be fully persuaded concerning their decision to follow they reach the threshold of leaving their educational career in DLHS.

In addition to being a Pastor and teacher, he has piloted many seminar presentations on several life issues including family relationships, work ethics and spiritual growth. He has also travelled extensively, seizing such occasions to emphasise that living a life of holiness is the believer’s most sacred trust and service to God and others, his or her greatest responsibility.



  • National Head of Curriculum/Quality Assurance
  • +2348150919848
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