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Mrs. Nkechinyere Chukwu

Mrs. Chukwu Nkechinyere is the principal of DLHS Owerri Campus. She was employed into DLHS in the year 2012. She has served in different campuses which include Aba and Port Harcourt campuses respectively. She was transferred to Owerri Campus on 28th June, 2019 as a Principal.

Mrs. Chukwu has served in different capacities such as an Educator, Senior Hostel Mistress, Matron, Purchasing officer and today a Principal. Within these periods of services, the Lord has been faithful.

Prior to joining DLHS, Mrs. Chukwu has served in many schools, Wagon Faith Academy and Shammah Christian Schools, all in Abia State Nigeria. Mrs. Chukwu served for 15 years in those schools.

Mrs. Chukwu has gone into different training, seminar and workshops to upgrade in order to meet up with the standard needed by DLHS. The experience gained has indeed broadened her horizons.

Mrs. Nkechinyere Chukwu

  • Principal, DLHS, Owerri Campus
  • 0815819011
  • dlhsowerri
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