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Creating Memories and Excellence: DLHS Summer School 2023

Each year, during the long vacation, Deeper Life High School hosts a unique event – the Summer School, exclusively for SS3 students nationwide. It’s a time when these students, hailing from various DLHS campuses, unite with selected educators and support staff for an enriching experience lasting over a month.

The primary objective of this gathering is to prepare these young minds rigorously for their upcoming WASSCE and IGCSE examinations. But it’s more than just academics. The Summer School also features a range of activities, including spiritual awakening and fun-filled programs.

What truly makes this experience special is the diverse mix of students hailing from various ethnic backgrounds and social classes. It’s a unique opportunity for students to interact, share, and create lasting bonds.

As we reflect on this year’s Summer School, we’re grateful for the memories created. It was indeed a memorable coexistence for our students and staff, one that will remain etched in their hearts for years to come.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the remarkable moments, experiences, and learning at DLHS Summer School 2023.

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