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Deeper Life High School Empowers Staff with Global Training Opportunities and Conferences, Shines in Kigali, Rwanda

🚀 At Deeper Life High School, we believe in constant growth and up-skilling 🎯. That’s why we are heavily investing in the training and professional development of our dedicated staff members 💼.
Our workforce is our strength and we ensure they have every opportunity to develop, learn and grow with continual professional trainings, seminars and conferences – both locally and internationally! 🌐
Just last year, some of our esteemed DLHS delegates received enriching training at the prestigious University of Oulu, Finland 🇫🇮. Continuing the tradition, DLHS shone yet again on a global stage as our delegates attended an enlightening international conference in the beautiful city of Kigali, Rwanda from August 20-25, 2023 🇷🇼.
As we reflect on our journey, we can’t help but dance with joy and say, “What shall we render to the Lord…” 💃🕺

At DLHS, we’re not just creating students, we’re shaping the leaders of tomorrow with a godly foundation. As we push forward, we’re on our journey to becoming the best school globally.

Enroll your child today at DLHS, where dreams are nurtured and potentials are realized.

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