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DLHS Alumnus, Nelson Elijah Ifechukwu: Covenant University’s Top Graduate 2023

DLHS proudly celebrates its alumnus, Nelson Elijah Ifechukwu, a graduate of Covenant University’s Electrical Electronics Engineering program. He has secured the title of Covenant University’s best-graduating student for the Class of 2023, with an exceptional Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.98.

Nelson’s achievement exemplifies DLHS’s commitment to excellence, showcasing the impact of quality education. His success is an inspiration to current and future DLHS students, emphasizing the rewards of dedication and a passion for learning.

Nelson’s accomplishment is a testament to DLHS’s mission of nurturing future leaders. It embodies the school’s commitment to instilling leadership with distinction, making the DLHS community immensely proud.

Congratulations, Nelson! Your alma mater supports your promising journey ahead, eagerly anticipating the continued success and impact you will bring to the world. Your excellence is our source of pride and inspiration.

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